Marie Christine Agopian

Summer School on Virtual Characters & Computer Game Technologies


ANIMATAS Training Event 20/05/19 – 23/05/19 on Virtual Characters and Computer Game Technologies will be held in KTH, Stockholm.

Technologies, practices and methods from the edutainment industries have excellent potential to be transferred to the effective design, creation and control of socially interactive robots and engaging training scenarios for enhancing education practices.

The aim of this training event is to develop an understanding of potentials and methods related to virtual characters and computer game technologies for application to physical systems in educational settings. Specifically, this relates to:

1) Game engines, tool chains and media for the cost-effective prototyping, simulation and visualisation of physical systems.

2) Virtual characters as complimentary embodiments to physical systems for use in educational scenarios.

3) Game design practices for enhancing student engagement with educational systems.

Participants will benefit from keynote speeches and activities directed by internationally renowned experts in areas such as hybrid virtual and physical embodiments, virtual reality and game design. Participants will also benefit from active participation in scientific discussions concerning key challenges surrounding the application of these topics to the development of effective artificial systems for educational purposes.




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