Results in Brief: Putting robots into school classrooms

As our project reached its end, a brief summary was published on the CORDIS website regarding the results after five years and a half of research.   “A group of young researchers has opened the door to using robots to help tutor individual students and facilitate group learning activities.”   Please read the entire article … Continued

Artificial teachers on the way

On the blackboard, somebody has drawn up tables and a few textbooks are on the teacher’s desk. It looks like any other classroom. Except that a robot is standing behind the teacher’s desk.

Robots at School

What if children taught robots? This is the challenge of the European project ANIMATAS launched in January 2018 by Mohamed Chetouani, professor of social robotics at the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR).

Des robots assistants pédagogiques

Lancé en janvier 2018 pour une durée de quatre ans, le projet H2020 ANIMATAS a pour but d’introduire des robots dotés de compétences sociales dans les écoles, afin d’assister l’équipe pédagogique.