Marie Christine Agopian

Scientific publications, Journals and Conferences




Conferences and workshops


Invited talks

Nasir, J. (2022). In Pursuit of Goal-centric Social Robots in Educational HRI, invited talk at AFAR lab, University of Cambridge

      • Nasir, J. (2021). Co-organized a workshop on ‘AI for Gender Equality’ at WeTechTogether Conference
      • Nasir, J. (2021). Guest lecturer at Machine Learning for Behavioral Data, EPFL
  • Nasir, J. (2020). Can AI Help to Understand Cognitive and Motor Skills of Learners? WeTechTogether Conference, nominated and selected among the finalists for the “Hidden Figures Awards 2020” in the non-profit category
  • Nasir, J. (2020). Leveraging AI to Understand Cognitive and Motor Skills of Learners, WAI Summit 2020


Interviews & Press Releases

  • Tatarian, K., Buyukgoz, S. Towards Advancing Human-Robot Interaction (ANIMATAS x SOFTBANK ROBOTICS) – Online Webinar from SOftBank Robotics Europe, Published on Youtube




PhD Thesis

  • Sooraj Krishna, ESR 2: Modelling communicative behaviours for different roles of pedagogical agents
  • Manuel Bied, ESR 9: Communication in Robot Learning: Usage of the Combined Task and Social Channel for Action Learning
  • Tanvi Dinkar, ESR 11: Computational Models of Disfluencies: Fillers and Discourse markers in Spoken Language Understanding
  • Sera Buyukgoz, ESR 13: Generating Proactive Communicative Robot Behaviors