Marie Christine Agopian

Scientific publications, Journals and Conferences


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Conferences and workshops

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  • Dinkar T., Vasilescu I., Pelachaud C., Clavel C. Disfluences and teaching strategies in social interactions between a pedagogical agent and a student: background and challenges, SEMDIAL (2018)





  • Jauwairia Nasir, Utku Norman, Barbara Bruno, Mohamed Chetouani, Pierre Dillenbourg – PE-HRI: A Multimodal Dataset for the study of Productive Engagement in a robot mediated Collaborative Educational Setting, Zenodo (2020)


Press release

Karen Tatarian, Sera Buyukgoz, Towards Advancing Human-Robot Interaction (ANIMATAS x SOFTBANK ROBOTICS) – Online Webinar from SOftBank Robotics Europe, Published on Youtube