Amélie Lecornec

6th edition”Robots for Learning” workshop 2021 – Call For Papers

In this 6th edition of the “Robots for Learning” workshop, international experts in the field will share their knowledge concerning the design of social robot behaviours which support learning, their embedding in a learning activity and the evaluation of their impact through an experiment and the assessment of the person’s learning. The workshop is organized as a highly interactive event, in which participants are encouraged to bring case studies taken from their own research and discuss them in groups and with the experts.

Call for papers

We invite participants to report previous or planned research, practice and interest in developing applications in social robots for learning. Researchers from HRI, robotics and educational backgrounds are invited to contribute.

Authors are invited to submit a case study on which they will be working during the workshop. To present their case study, we ask them to answer a few questions in line with the units of the workshop. During the workshop, they will present to their peers their answer/implementation of the concepts for each unit and receive feedback. Priority will be given to case studies which are complementary, and which offer a range of theoretical and cultural perspectives.

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