Advancing intuitive human-machine interaction with human-like social capabilities for education in schools



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ANIMATAS' partners will offer nine workshops to the 15 fellow researchers recruited.

Transferable Skills Workshops, TSW:

TSW1: Methods from experimental psychology.

TSW2: Developing technologies in educational settings.

TSW3: Employability skills and conducting research in industry.

TSW4: Entrepreneurship, innovation and exploitation.


Technical Workshops, TW:

TW1: Summer School on Computational social sciences for social robots and embodied virtual characters.

TW2: Virtual characters for computer games.

TW3: Ethics in Human-machine interaction.

TW4: Building industry-guided showcases of the ANIMATAS' research.


A final workshop organised by the fellow researchers to showcase the results of the PHD's projects in presence of the keyplayers in social robotics, virtual charcacters, ed-tech communities, both from academic and industrial sector.

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